"Creates the Natural Effect of Aging in Minutes"

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It has been known for decades that beverages placed in a magnetic flux field will experience a marked improvement in taste and texture. The first patent was issued in 1900, where magnets were attached to a drinking mug "to remove piquant flavors in fermented beverages". Since then, many simple to very elaborate devices have been developed that subject the outside of the bottle or barrel to magnetic flux fields. Now there are simple, effective, and low cost devices that can be inserted directly into beverage bottle or glass. The availability of small, but very strong neodymium magnets has made this possible.

Low cost wines will taste like a much more expensive wine, while an expensive red wine will open up and can be consumed without the long breathing period or aging that is often required. Tart whites will taste clean and smooth - some even take on a satiny texture

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Your Magnetic Wine Wand can be used in liquors, such as Scotch, Rum, Tequila, Bourbon, etc., but is exceptionally noticeable in any that are barrel aged. That being said, you won't believe what it can do to smooth out a young Tequila.

It soften the bite in any liquor, creates a silky texture and provides a cleaner finish.

Simply open a bottle, pour out an once or two to taste, then drop in your Wand. Give it a few minutes to do its magic and enjoy. Taste the amazing difference between the untreated sample and the enhanced dink you now have. In most cases, the more time the better, but that is personal taste.

Some have experienced big changes with teas, coffees, and other beverages.

Neodymium magnets are at least 10x stronger than ceramic magnets. Each wand has a strong pulling force, so keep them away from credit cards or any magnetic data strips and don’t hold them close to your pacemaker. They don’t loose their magnetism for many years and can withstand temperatures up to 176 degrees. Each magnet is triple coated with nickel, copper, and nickel again before being sealed within our wand using state-of-the-art sonic welding technology. This is done so that no toxic adhesives are used in the process to taint the beverage.



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